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Fancy Large Gift Tray


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Includes cashews, mixed fancy nuts, fancy cookies selections, fancy chocolate pieces or miniatures, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate almonds, raisins, and more.
(Item #212bbl)

Seven Layer Cake with Pastry and Chocolate dipped Fruit


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This fancy tray features a whole Seven Layer Cake and is surrounded by other pastries and Chocolate Dipped Fruit of the season. It may not be available over temperatures of 70 degrees and is for Local Detroit Tri County Delivery only.
(Item #P105)

Holiday Cookie Tray


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This assortment of holiday Euro Holiday cookies will brighten up any festive occasion. Graham Stars, Shortbread wreath, Almond tartlets,cherry spritz, Chocolate stars & more
(Item #T1)

Chocolate & Nut Regular Gift Tray


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This moderate array boasts chocolate bridge
mix, euro cookies, dark chocolate
raisins, mixed nuts, and
pastel red cherries.

Perfect for 18.

(Item #T115)

Nibbler's Delight Large Gift Tray


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This colorful mix includes dark chocolate
raisins, dark berry cordials, gourmet
cookies, jumbo chocolate and
yogurt pretzels with
roasted mixed nuts.

Delights up to 25.

(Item #T125)

Extra Large Gift Tray


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This bountiful arrangement of roasted mixed
nuts, crumbly gourmet cookies, and milk
chocolate covered selections makes for
a quintessential party accessory.

Entertains up to 40.

(Item #T130)

Chocolate, Fruit, & Nut Large Gift Tray


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Enjoy sweet and savory treasures of American
Gourmet with an array of dried fruit,
petite fruit candy, assorted
nuts, and milk chocolate.

Suitable for 40.

(Item #T140)

Large Gift Tray


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This large combination includes dark chocolate
almonds, roasted cashews and mixed nuts,
dark chocolate raisins, and
dried fruit.

Recommended for 40.

(Item #T145)

Corporate Premium Party Tray


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There's no denying the luxury of dark chocolate
raisins and berries, assorted nuts, and
a brownie and truffle center.

For office gathering of 50.

(Item #T150)

Classic Premium Party Tray


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This divine assortment of milk and dark
chocolate covered fruit and nuts, with
a range of tasty euro cookies
will be devoured gratefully.

Pampers groups of 45 to 60.
(Local deliveries only.)

(Item #T155)

Medium Gift Tray


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Medium Gift Tray

Black Forest Cherry Filled Cookies, Jumbo Milk Chocolate covered Raisins, Fancy Roasted Mixed Nuts and Fancy Cashews, Milk Chocolate Fruit & Nut Mix and topped with an assortment of Jumbo Pretzel and more. (p7817)
(Item #T157bbr)

Nut & Fruit Premium Party Tray


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Prime selections of this tray include dark
chocolate rugulah, dried fruit, gourmet
cookies, chocolate bridge mix,
and roasted nuts.bbl

Entices groups of 40 to 45.

(Item #T160)

*Hand-dipped Fresh Fruit Tray


This item is available via phone order only.
Hand Dipped Fresh Fruit Tray Apples Strawberries Green and Purple Grapes drizzled in Chocolate & Chocolate Cups filled with Raspberries & Blueberries embellished with butter brickle, mini chips, non pariels, pecans & more Seasonal pricing due to fruit availability please call to order For locale delivery only Detroit Tri County area Fruit priced per pound per item - changes seasonally minimum order half pound per fruit item
(Item #T165)

Cookie Gift Tray


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A heavenly mixture of Fancy European cookies 10 inches in Diameter Selection of Floretine Lace Cherry spritz, Black Forest,chocolate chip, Chocolate log and others
(Item #T170)

Chocolate Sampler Premium Party Tray


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Impress your guests with a brownie and truffle
bits center, dark chocolate almonds, yogurt
pretzels, roasted nuts, petite fruit candy,
and chocolate bridge mix.

Appropriate for 40 to 60.

(Item #T180)

Fancy Sweet & Salty Gift Tray


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This charming tray offers jumbo chocolate and
yogurt pretzels, milk chocolate nuts,
dark chocolate raisins, cherry
cordials, and more.bbx

Feeds 8 to 10.

(Item #T210)

Holiday Treat Tray Regular


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An array of delights, Fancy Fresh Roasted Cashews, European Holiday Cookies, Chocolate Covered Buttons, Chocolate and Florentine lace, Chocolate Fruit and Nut Mix, and additional selection bbx
(Item #X103)

Fancy Chanukah Gift Tray


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Fancy European Cookies in a Star of David and or Dreidels, Fancy Yogurt Pretzels, Fresh Roasted Cashews, Chocolate Fruit and Nut Mix, embellished with Chanukah Gelt. Kosher Dairy
(Item #X104)



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(Item #X71)



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(Item #X74)

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