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Seasonal Sampler Basket


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Invigorate your body with a plethora of treats
including Sanders chocolates, Godiva truffles,
brie cheese, butter pretzels,
and other gourmet fun.
(Item #B110)

Coffee & Snack Basket


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Broaden the scope of your tastebuds with
thrilling selections like Sanders and Godiva
truffles, sensational coffee, gourmet
cookies, and pretzels with brie cheese!
(Item #B115)

Ravishing Michigan Basket


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This Michigan basket contains a variety of
Michigan treats including Sanders fudge and
chocolates, St. Julian wine, fruit preserves,
cookies, maple syrup, pretzels,
and more.
(Item #B130)

Gigantic Michigan Basket


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This is the perfect gift for someone with
a penchant for Michigan's finest: Mucky Duck mustard, American Spoon preserves, Sanders fudge and candy, American Gourmet butter pretzels, Leelanau wine, and much more.
(Item #B135)

Great Lakes Basket


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Savor the marvelous flavors of the
Great Lakes state this season with preserves,
fudge, dried cherries, coffee, and other treats.
(Item #B140)

Chocolate Lover's Treats Basket


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Fulfill a chocolate devotee’s need for the
splendor of indulgence with these
divine Godiva selections.
(Item #B150)

Pistachio Lover's Canister


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Pistachios, yogurt pretzels, milk chocolate
raisins, and bridge mix.
(Item #C120)

Premium Nut Lover's Collection


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A more robust supply of pistachios with
roasted almonds, cashews,
and mixed nuts.

C150 28 ounces 24.99

(Item #C150)

Sampler Holiday Basket


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With eccentric and delicious thrills from
Sanders and Godiva, this basket is
destined to be a treasured gift.
(Item #HB115)

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We specialize in hospitality gifts and will deliver your gift directly to any location, including hotel rooms for weddings and anniversaries - and will customize baskets for all themes.

Ask about personalized candy bar wrappers for any occasion.

We also feature SUGAR FREE, KOSHER, FAT FREE, and DIABETIC ITEMS. We will customize your selection to meet your needs.

We have Godiva-dipped fresh strawberries by the dozen, half dozen, & individually
(please call for seasonal pricing)
All of our Kosher baskets and trays are Certified kosher under Kosher Michigan Rabbi Jason Miller. - Dairy Selections shown; Pareve Selections are available at a slightly higher cost.
Once an order is placed, we will usually ship the next business day (with the exception of dates between Dec 10 and Dec 25). There are no Deliveries on Sundays and deliveries are not time specific.

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