What Makes Us Different




Driven by the commitment for quality in our gifts, and to earn the long term confidence of our customers, we strive to exceed your expectations!



We have been serving the community in the same location for 29 years and provide walk in service to retail customers as well as our corporate clients.

As a customer you are welcome to browse and select what you might like to order.  There are also selections that are available to just pick out and take with you.

Single person customer service:
You will have a single contact person to handle all of your needs. You can talk to the same person every time you call. We believe in the human element in service!

Customer Service sets us apart:
We follow through on your orders & make sure that every recipient on your list will be received or you will be contacted by us, on any invalid addresses or any other issue.


Custom Branding

We use branded full size packaged items in our gift baskets:
Not the large 10 inch cardboard boxes with 2 ounces of crackers in them as you have experienced from some of the larger Box stores.

Private labeling or your Promo items can be included:
For many of our Corporate customers we can include your special items or print your logo on box label.


Corporate Gifts & Multiple Recipients

We specialize in Corporate accounts  and make multiple recipient orders easy.

Most of our corporate clients send us a spreadsheet , with multiple selections, multiple addresses so that they can make multiple selections with different greetings & special request e.g.  Kosher, Fruit only  etc. We manage your list & send it back to any duplicates or missing addresses etc.


Kosher Certification

We have Kosher Dairy or Kosher Pareve selections. Just indicate when ordering. Don’t know the  difference? We will be happy to help you determine what  might be the best, for a condolence or specific holiday occasion. Just check on the Kosher Dairy Symbol when ordering. Kosher Pareve selections are slightly more expensive & will be presented as a separate selection.


Delivery Options

We provide local hand delivery in the Detroit Tri-county area, and Nationwide Delivery by UPS or Fed-X. Multiple gifts shipped, to the same location may qualify for additional discounts.



Wine selections may be added to any basket upon request for an additional charge.